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False Binaries (Rhetoric)
Interactive video (video camera, display, custom software, computer

The false dichotomy presents two options as the only available choices. This type of thinking frequently finds its way into social and political rhetoric, attempting to ascribe a sense of identification from without.

In each of these works, a word defines the border between image sequences of the viewer, which are in varying states of temporal flux. The word itself has no positive appearance, but is only recognized as a difference between the changing images.

The title of each work and the text in the image are parts of a common rhetorical phrase, while the temporal and interactive effects suggest the rest of that phrase, creating imaginary relationships between text and image.

Demos: The downloadable demos below are Java applications created with Processing. A Mac with a good web camera (iSight recommended) is required to run them. Place the camera in a stationary position and in a well lit area.

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